About Us

Our founder, Rosemarie, who’s a loving mother, wife and attentive daughter, is born and raised in New Jersey. She’s now got two beautiful grandchildren that light up her world. When she’s not taking care of her family she’s hard at work for the clients of The New Jersey Gifting Company.


After being approached by a friend over 15 years ago to design a gift basket that was more spectacular than a lack-luster bag of lotions, something lit up inside her that satisfied her keen and creative eye, as well as her desire to help others make special occasions that much more special. After this experience she began working under the guidance of another woman who had mastered the art of gift giving, always supported by her husband, Larry, and the rest of her family to do what she loves! She’s never looked at a product, basket or ribbon the same ever again! 


Rosemarie loves a good ribbon and a good challenge! She’s always thinking about what she can do next to attract new clients and keep frequent shoppers coming back. She has no problem spending time with clients to determine what will make their custom basket, what she’s most passionate about, really, truly POP! Attention to detail and adherence to your budget are top priorities for this gift-giving-phenom. 


Give us a call today or visit our website to discover the wonderful and welcoming world of The New Jersey Gifting Company. The expressions of delight and joy are why we do this, thank you for letting us help you!